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how to make an anti-tilt/make something unable to rotate

Exploits floating point errors. Don't know what that is? Does matter. All you need to know is that your goal is to rotate a plank to just over 2^23 radians and then put it in a closed loop.
Look up a way to keep your phonescreen on because it needs to stay that way while making this
Make a minor change without saving before starting a simulation
Button = back, followed by "yes"
The 12.3 hours are almost exact [if it doesn't look like the plank after the "1 hour later", you're fine] the 1 hour isn't
The resulting plank will not be displayed correctly. In cases where collision and render disagree, the menu for connecting it will be invisible
Adding more "gears" won't help

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PublishedSep 16, 2017
Last modifiedSep 16, 2017

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