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Ghost car challenge

As you may know, objects travelling at what I like to call "ghost velocity" can sometimes go through walls.
Here is my challenge: make the best vehicle you can that can go through a wall completely intact.
1. Hacking is completely forbidden.
2. Glitches and Trump jokes are allowed and greatly encouraged
3. You must be willing to give me a copy of the level so I can verify that no hacking was used should it be needed
4. No profanity
5. The thruster(s), motor(s), ect of the vehicle must be able to be turned on and off at anytime
6. All walls must occupy all the same layers as the vehicle

You have, due my laziness, 2 months to do it so there is no rush. Also, given the relative inactivity, this time might get extended even further to get more than 2 entries. To the far right is what is going to be my entry (still working on it).

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PublishedMay 18, 2017
Last modifiedMay 18, 2017

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