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Now i have to admit this design got a bit out of but it's still a fun vehicle

explore the Martian landscape with this MULTI-FUNCTION mars rover
1. tough off road chassis and running gear
2. front mounted explorer camera with extendable arm
3. rear manipulator arm for picking up Martian space rock samples to be dropped in the rovers hopper
4. LAUNCH POD that will fly back to the command module with samples

bottom right controller for forward and reverse of rover

bottom left controller
bottom button - camera extender
top button - rear manipulator arm (press and hold till you have grabbed a space rock)
slider = open close pincers on arm (to grab space rock)

top 'POD' controller
slider to release and launch pod
buttons for direction control

hope you like it

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PublishedApr 27, 2013
Last modifiedApr 27, 2013

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